To make delicious plant based cheezes using extraordinary ingredients that are healthier for you + the planet.


To be the cheeze that creates the change.


Heidi Ho is the future of cheese. We are a mission-driven company which aims to be the cheese that creates the change. Our success in implementing our values is a measurement of customer engagement, employee evangelism, supplier connectivity, and return on investments. We embrace economic freedom, voluntary exchange, combined with social and environmental consciousness. This is our commitment, giving all of us the ability to engage in positive activity based upon creativity, optimism, and personal initiative. Our steadfast convictions are at the forefront of action in honor of the health of our stakeholders and the health of this planet. We believe our choices have an impact. We believe yours do too.


• We sell cheeze that is superior in flavor and quality

• We gratify our customers with excellence in every bite

• We practice being mindful of our choices and their power

• We exercise nonviolence toward all living beings

• We honor organic farmers, their families, organic farmland and biodiversity

• We pledge integrity to prosperity through profits and growth

• We encourage the health of all our stakeholders including this planet

Our Mission

Our Cheeze

Our products are made with certified organic ingredients, sourced as locally as possible and processed in a dedicated vegan / soy free / gluten free facility.  We do our best to create products that are healthier four you + the plant.

Our Team

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