Does it melt?
All of our Chia Cheeze products melt and are very creamy once heated. Enjoy cold or heat and serve!

Is it organic?
Almost all of our ingredients are certified organic and we are in the final stages of the certification process. Organic certification in early 2015!

Is it local?
We strive to purchase all of our ingredients locally when seasonally possible. We work with local farms and businesses to secure consistent sourcing of all ingredients used in our products year round. It is important that our company is working hard to stimulate our local economy and supporting fellow business owners.

I have allergies. Are the nut and soy cheezes produced on the same equipment?
We currently use organic cashews in all of our Chia Cheeze and Ne Chèvre products. Hazelnuts are only used in our Black Lava and are kept separate from all of our other products. We do process in a facility that processes soy but the production of these products are done in different days and all equipment is cleaned and sanitized between runs.

Where did the recipes come from?
Chef Heidi Lovig developed the recipes for our products when she was hired to rewrite a menu and create vegan options. During this time, becoming vegan herself, she decided to create her own custom plant-based cheese alternatives; this turned into the inspiration for Heidi Ho.

Can I buy in bulk?
We do have bulk and food service options for our products. Please contact us for more information.

Can I freeze it?
We don’t suggest this but have heard of people doing it.

Why do you put a ‘z’ in cheeze?
The word cheese is defined as “a food made from the pressed curds of milk.” Since we obviously don’t fall into that category we aren’t allowed to call it cheese with an ‘s’, so we call it cheeze with a ‘z’.

So why do you call it cheeze?
Our product is defined as a plant-based cheese alternative. What that means to us is that it is a product that we produce using some of the planets finest ingredients to make a quality food that is intended to be used as a replacement for cheese. We believe it to be the most health- and earth- conscious choice.

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