Where can I purchase your product?


We are sold nationally in Whole Foods Market, in smaller natural food chains, larger conventional chains and at your favorite co-op. Check out our store locator for a retailer near you! Don’t see a store near you? This site stocks our product and ships internationally.


How do I order your Cheeze online?


We don’t offer direct customer sales, but Vegan Essentials stocks our product and ships all over the world.


Why do you call it “Cheeze” instead of Cheese?


Our product is defined as a plant-based cheese alternative. What that means to us is that it is a product that we produce using some of the planet’s finest ingredients to make a quality food that is intended to be used as a replacement for cheese. We believe it to be the most health and earth conscious choice.


Does it melt?


All of our Chia Cheeze products melt and are very creamy once heated. Enjoy cold or heat and serve!


Is your product Organic?


Yes! All of our products are certified organic by the Oregon Tilth.


Is your product Vegan?


Yes! All of our products are certified Vegan by


Is your Cheeze gluten free?


Yes! Our Cheeze is naturally gluten free. While our product is not yet certified gluten free, none of our ingredients are derived from or contain gluten. We only make our product in this facility so no gluten is processed on any of our equipment.


Does your product contain soy?


No! None of our products contain soy. For a list of products and ingredients please visit our Products page.


Is your product Kosher?


Not yet, but we’re working with an agency for potential Kosherization in 2016 or 2017.


Is your citric acid derived from corn?


No! Our Citric Acid is produced from Molasses from Sugar Beet and Cane Sugar Sources. It has not been GMO verified; however, they have a statement to that effect that they do not use GMO Sugar Beets as this is one of the most common GMO items.


Where do you source your ingredients?


We strive to purchase all of our ingredients locally when seasonally possible. We work with local farms and businesses to secure consistent sourcing of all ingredients used in our products year round. It is important that our company is working hard to stimulate our local economy and supporting fellow business owners.


Can your products be frozen?


Our two Ne Chèvres will do just fine in the freezer. Our Chia Cheezes however, are an emulsion. Freezing this product will cause it to separate and not be as awesome.


Where are you located?


We are located in the best city in the world, Portland, Oregon.


Hey, were you on Shark Tank?


Yes! Our founder and CEO Heidi Lovig was on ABC’s television show Shark Tank. Heidi secured the fastest deal in Shark Tank History with Lori Griener.


How can I get my local retailer to stock your product?


Follow this link to a product request form. Print it off and take it to your local retailer. Customer service can more than likely get it into the right hands!


Can my group or students tour your facility?


Reach out to us! Send an email to


I want to carry your products in my store! How do I do that?


Reach out to us! Send an email to


Where did the recipes come from?


Chef Heidi Lovig developed the recipes for our products when she was hired to rewrite a menu and create vegan options. During this time, becoming vegan herself, she decided to create her own custom plant-based cheese alternatives; this turned into the inspiration for Heidi Ho.


Can I buy in bulk?


We do have bulk and food service options for our products. Send us an email to