Heidi Ho’s Plant-Based Hot Cocoa Tasting!

Posted on Dec 16, 2016 in Blog

We’ve had two consecutive weeks with snow in Portland, which is absolutely out of the ordinary, and our poor little city just shuts down. To combat the cold and embrace our winter wonderland, we planned a hot cocoa tasting for team Heidi Ho in what turned out to be the OPTIMUM CHOCOLATE DRINKING CONDITIONS. Can you beat sipping hot chocolate while staring out at a blanket of white? The answer is no, no you can’t.


The three recipes were selected through a rigorous process of typing “vegan hot chocolate” in my Google search bar. All recipes are totally plant-based and super great for anyone with allergies to dairy and gluten.
We made some minor recipe changes and notes along the way. At the end of the cocoa making adventure our team voted one recipe to rule them all.


A- http://veggieandthebeastfeast.com/2014/11/10/super-creamy-vegan-hot-chocolate/

  • We used unsweetened cashew milk because we had it on hand
  • The corn starch really made this hot cocoa thick and creamy
  • The little bit of salt gave this hot cocoa a deep and well rounded taste

hot-cocoa-bB- http://minimalistbaker.com/5-minute-vegan-hot-cocoa/

  • We used unsweetened cashew milk because we had it on hand
  • The use of chocolate chips in the recipe definitely highlighted the chocolate flavor
  • We forgot the optional peppermint extract and really, really, wish we hadn’t
  • Had to add more cashew milk as the flavor was very strong!
  • Cool microwave hack, though we used the stove

hot-cocoa-cC- http://thevegan8.com/2016/12/07/the-best-vegan-hot-chocolate/

  • Claiming to be the best is a pretty tall, chocolatey order…
  • I love the use of maple syrup as a sweetener in this
  • Easy to throw it all in a blender and THEN heat
  • Had to add more coconut milk as the flavor was very strong!



RECIPE A – from Veggie and the Beast. The creaminess and even chocolatey flavor of this recipe stole the show! Runner up with the 5 minute hot cocoa from Minimalist Baker.


Recipe A would like to thank our team Heidi Ho for their unwavering support through this voting process, it couldn’t have done it without us.
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