Hey, NOG it Off!

Posted on Dec 22, 2016 in Blog

The milk alternative world has grown and evolved into a beautiful selection of plant-based beverages. The variety can be a little hard to navigate without a little guidance. And what are the holidays without a little nog? We did a blind taste test of three different dairy alternative nogs to assist in picking the right nog for you. We called it, the HEIDI HO NOG OFF.


The three nogs represented in this tasting were:


  • Silk Nog Original (dairy-free soy nog)
  • So Delicious Coconut Holiday Nog
  • Califia Farms Holiday Nog (Almond milk)

Sample cups were filled and labeled as A, B, and C, to prevent any brand bias. The team was also asked to try and identify which letter belonged to their respective brands. Two out of the eight to sample were able to match them correctly.


The crowd favorite was the original Silk Nog. This is the closest in taste to a traditional dairy eggnog.


Votes were pretty evenly split between Silk and So Delicious, as the texture is thicker and more creamy with the coconut milk.


We love Califia Farms products and braced for a delicious nog experience. This was the least favorite of all three and had the most negative feedback.


SILK NOG IS THE WINNER, with a close runner up being the So Delicious Holiday Nog.


Did your favorite nondairy nog make the list? Check out heidiho.com/recipes for more plant-based recipes!

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